4 Tips for a Successful Study Abroad Experience in UAE

Take Advantage of Studying Abroad in the Emirates: Read These 4 Tips

Studying abroad can be a whirlwind of exciting cultural experiences and challenging academic courses. Here are four tips for success.

To succeed in any study abroad program, you must be a dedicated student, and also a culturally competent person. Here are four tips for success when you study abroad in UAE.

  1. Plan enough time for rigorous academic demands. There is no point in studying abroad if you do not succeed in your classes. Set regular times for studying and completing assignments then stick to it.
  2. Learn all you can about the local culture before you arrive. Understanding the values of the people where you will study is an important first step to enjoying your study abroad program.
  3. Treat differences with respect. You will find that you disagree with some aspects of your new culture, wherever you go, simply because no two cultures are identical. When you disagree, remember to treat people with respect—every individual is equally entitled to his or her opinions and values.
  4. Learn the language. Although university courses may be offered in English, make a sincere effort to learn basic Arabic phrases that are useful for basic conversations, shopping, and outings before you arrive. You will enjoy your study abroad program far more if you can communicate freely with the local people. In addition, most people will encourage your efforts to learn their language, even if you are a beginner.