Front Office Module

The front office is the first and last place that guests interact with when they come to a hotel. It is therefore prudent that students get to learn the intricacies of this office so as to give guests a memorable first and last impression. The module takes them through such disciplines as being able to handle a Property Management System (PMS) that allows them control over check-in, check-out and reservation procedures. It empowers students with the skills and knowledge they need in order to be able to sell and manage hotel accommodation.

Goals of Front Office Training

Students are expected to have mastered the handling of property management systems by the end of the course. They should be able to professionally carry out the various duties within a front office environment. They are expected to have an understanding of the guest requirements from the front office and to be able to meet those requirements.

Content Within theGalleface_Hotel_Front_View Front Office Unit

Students will be exposed to the role of the front office in relation to the hotel. They are taught the duties of this department which includes selling a hotel’s space. They are exposed to different hotel structures too.

When it comes to reservations, a student is taught the different systems and rate structures. They are taught the different sales pitches and structures of an individual, group, and corporate sale. They also get to learn the reservation procedures in a management system.

Check in procedure entails the
process of guest arrival preparation and the different ways to receive different guests like individuals, groups, and corporate guests. It entails room assignment and other duties related to check in.

There are various guest duties that come up as the front office is where guests come in case of trouble. Students are taught how to deal with complaints, lost property, and guests in general when they communicate with them.

Check out procedures include how to prepare for check out and the procedure to follow for various guest categories. It involves learning control checks that determine it is okay to check out a guest.