Communications and Customer Care Module

Guests to different hotels and destinations always have something to say in the way they were treated. This is especially so in the way that the employees spoke with them and the way they were handled. Customer care and communication will enable students to learn what is needed in order to give the guests a memorable stay at an establishment. It is the core unit that deals with presentation of self and the establishment.

The End Goals of the Module

Students will benefit from this module in a couple of ways. They will be able to communicate effectively with both clients and colleagues. They will be empowered to apply various electronic and social media techniques to enhance the communication experience for clients. They will also learn the best customer service practices and delivery of this service.

Content Within the Module

Communication is a broad subject even incustomer_service the hospitality industry. It is broken down into the principles, methods, practical communication, and IT specific communication.

In learning the principles of communication, a student is taught the process of communication, the different types of communication and the existent barriers, as well as the best communication practices.

Within the methods of communication, a student is exposed to the different methods. They are taught how to write business letters, and give persuasive communication. They are also sensitized on how to communicate with different groups of people like the disabled.

Practical communication teaches a student how to best apply themselves at work. This is through inter-personal communication, during interviews and in meetings as well as while handling customer complaints. They are also taught how to compile a menu effectively.

In IT related communication, a student gets to learn how to effectively compile web content, e-newsletters and e-mails. They also get to learn how to manage online social platforms and customer review sites.

Customer service entails learning how to give good quality service in order to build loyalty. Here, a student learns the basics and importance of customer service, learns how to identify customer expectations, and how to measure service quality and how to recover.