Accommodations Operations Module

The hospitality industry depends a lot on the availability of good accommodation in order to give clients a good experience. The resorts, hotels, cabins, cruise ships, and other forms of accommodation depend on accommodation facilities. To operate these facilities at an acceptable standard, students are taught the skills and empowered with knowledge. This department has the power to make or break a client’s hotel experience.

The End Goal of the Training

Students who undertake this course will be able to present themselves in a professional manner. They will also be able to learn how to interact with guests and colleagues in the proper manner. They will be empowered to understand curren


t client expectations within the accommodation docket.

At the end of the course the student will understand the role of the accommodation within the hotel. This will be in relation to the rest of the hotel. In this, the students will also learn how to have good inter-departmental communication practices. They will be able to arrange room occupancy and predict customer flow. They will be capable of handling room systems including key allotment, room listing, and luggage control. Security is an important part of accommodation in which they will have learned how to handle threats inclusive of suspicious characters.

Within this module, students are given the skills to handle emergency situations. They are equipped with the skills to handle proper room setup and checks, taught proper bed making techniques, as well as given the cleaning skills required for the bedroom and bathroom. They are given the skills to maintain public spaces as well as be able to launch pest control procedures.

Students are empowered with the skills to handle the linen room. This includes keeping and organizing stock, handles stain removal, as well as proper storage of equipment and chemicals. Students are also able to handle contract services at the end of this module. The practical part of this unit is greater than the written, though they are both present.