The World of Hospitality Studies

The hospitality industry is a robust industry that is continuously growing on a global scale. It employs more than 100 million people worldwide, yet it is still growing. There is a demand for a skilled workforce in this industry as it continues to grow. The possible reason for this is because the industry is expanding faster than the available workforce.

Diversity in Hospitality

The hospitality industry opens up to a myriad of opportunities for tharco-iris-beneficiaries-work-during-their-food-service-and-hospitality-course-graduation-ceremony-725x404ose professionally trained in the field. It is a diverse industry that offers different dockets to differently skilled individuals.

Staff skilled in being hospitable and those who have good communication skills work well in service and the front office. Those who have a skill in creative cooking delve in the culinary art within the confines of the kitchen. The bar has those skilled in mixing cocktails and tending to drinks. With over 50 different job titles in the various sectors of the hospitality industry available one can find an area they can be trained to gain adequate skill to do.

The Stations Available

There are various sectors available to work in the hospitality industry including restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels, and clubs. Within these sectors, you can find the 50 plus job titles. These are within the front office, gaming, food and beverage, housekeeping, and kitchen areas of the

industry. Within these divisions are managers, cooks, chefs, storekeepers, gaming supervisors, cashiers, mixologists, valets, porters, butlers, laundry attendants, and many more stations.

Here you get to discover all the different areas of study that hospitality studies take you through in order to get to these different work areas.