Introduction to the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry has developed over time from its very inception in different places in the world. The growth and expansion of the hospitality industry needs to be understood by an aspiring professional as they embark on the learning journey. This will help them identify with the industry, as well as give them a point of owning their upcoming career. Introduction to the hotel industry is a module that aims to give the student this identity.

Goals of the Module

While the module varies slightly in outlook depending on the learning institution, the basic outcome is to give students the understanding of the history of the hotel industry. In this, students are taught the structure that is within the tourism industry. They are given an understanding of the varying hotels in the industry. This includes the services and products expected from each type of hotel.

Students are also taught the history of the hotels and the key figures that have played a part in the growth of the industry over its history. Students are also made aware of what it takes to make a hotel a

Content Within the Module

The study course will expose the student to tourism terms while giving them an understanding of the tourism structure. They will get to learn motivators people need to travel as well as learn about different travel destinations. The students will get to learn what a hotel is, it’s various characteristics and classifications, as well as similar accommodation structures like resorts.

They will learn about hotel industry development including the noteworthy characters who propagated its growth as well as the current trends. In elements that encourage hotel growth the students will get to learn about the hotel’s structure and employee management. They will get to learn how to develop the customer experience by their service quality and customer relationship.

Introduction to the Hotel Industry is a fundamental part of the coursework that helps the student to relate to their career of choice. It is a theoretical class with a written exam at the end of the course.