Food and Beverage Module

Hospitality studies take students through course work that empowers them to be posted in any of the diverse jobs in the industry. They are introduced to the different jobs and empowered with a practical skill set to be able to accomplish these jobs. The food and beverage module of study is one of the most fundamental ones in these studies.

What Food and Beverage Studies Entail

The hospitality industry entails a lot of handling of food and beverages. This makes learning how to handle oneself in a food and beverage environment a prerequisite to being absorbed in this exciting field.

The way one carries themselves while handling food and beverages will impact the experience the clients of an establishment have, meaning one has to learn to carry themselves in a professional and attractive manner while Sofër_tropojanehandling food.

The coursework empowers the student to learn the significance of the food and beverage niche in the industry. This is in all areas of the industry like the hotel, catering, and even tourism industry. The student gets to learn how to best apply practical principles for outstanding customer service while also learning the different ways of interpersonal communication among workmates and towards clients.

The student is also taught proper techniques of restaurant service. They get to learn the different products available so that they can have a thorough knowledge base. Product knowledge includes knowing menu structures, culinary terms, as well as the equipment used and service areas available. While at it the student is taught proper food handling and safety.

They get to learn first aid and fire procedures so as to be well prepared.

The food and beverage coursework is a practical course that usually entails 50 percent practical work and 50 percent theoretical work. This is tested as practical as well as written exams.