The Duration of Hospitality Studies

The hospitality industry has a lot of exciting careers to offer hospitality professionals. An interesting perspective about this industry is that it allows people who have no formal hospitality training to begin work in some positions. The skills are then acquired on the job.

Some of the jobs that one can take up easily are hosting and being a kitchen aid. Some entry level jobs like cashiering can be gotten with a high school diploma. For one to be marketable to a more professional circle they need hospitality studies certification. This enables them to be able to get jobs in five star hotels and other large establishments.

Duration of Certification

Hospitality studies vary in the length of time it takes to complete them dependent on the certification one is aiming for. In order to get entry level to jobs in small-sized establishments then one can undertake a certificate that lasts a year or even shorter. An associate’s degree can be completed in around two years. It will expose a stud17057606221_6754a51bee_bent to courses geared towards hospitality management and other general courses. More job opportunities are availed with this certification.

To get more recognition in the industry, a degree should be pursued. A degree can be completed in four years if pursued on a full-time basis. Should the associate’s degree be done before a degree it will only take two years to complete the degree program.

When aiming for top-tier jobs in the hospitality industries, one should take a further step of securing a masters degree. This should take a period of one year if enrolled in a business school while it takes two years in other schools. Doctoral degrees can be acquired if one has a desire to teach this course. It takes an average of five years to complete the doctorate degrees, though it can take as little as three or more than five years, depending on a student’s conditions.

It is always best to get the highest possible certification, yet maintaining a practical skill set that is marketable and desirable in the job market.