Other Available Units

Hospitality studies offer more coursework. Students get exposure even to different languages to enable them to cater to different cultures, as well as have an understanding of international cuisines. Students get to have knowledge in other disciplines that enable them to specialize in specific areas of a hotel establishment. These are some of those disciplines.

Bar Servicebar-872161_960_720

This unit enables a student to learn the ropes needed to run the beverage sector of a hotel. They are given the skills to be able to give proper customer care and be able to communicate effectively while running a bar. They are also given knowledge of th
e various beverages in a bar as well as the tasks needed to accomplish bar operations professionally.


Related closely to bar service, it stands on its own in training. This is the art of mixing cocktails. Within this unit, students are taught how to effectively mix cocktails in the right proportions. They are taught the classic cocktails and the ingredients that go with them. They are further taught how to serve the cocktail, including the appropriate garnish for each.

Food and Beverage Costing

This unit is fundamental in the studies of an aspiring hospitality professional. Here, students get to learn the proper way to apply cost control in order to have a profitable business. They are taught how to manually and electronically apply control systems, how to apply costing and pricing methodologies as well as how to create performance assessment methods.

Sales and Marketing

The hospitality industry is a competitive industry that requires savvy individuals to help an establishment to grow. This unit assists students to learn sales and marketing techniques that can be applied to enable the growth of a hotel.

Events Organization

Within the hotel industry, clients constantly require having events organized for them. The unit gives the skill and know-how of creating and running effective events.

Hospitality studies offer students a diverse knowledge and skill set to become effective hospitality professionals. They are a requirement to all serious aspiring hospitality professionals.